Nail Your Business Initiatives with the Assurance of Data Quality

The accomplishment of any data-driven business initiatives depend on the data being relevant and dependable.

Businesses, big or small, deal with so much data every single day and it is imperative for them to choose and implement data quality tools and data research vendors that are not only automate data gathering, but also using human verified process to assure quality through data cleansing, append, analysis and other means.

According to IBM, high-quality data has four key attributes:

  • Completeness: Related data must be linked from all possible sources.
  • Accuracy: Data must be correct and consistent, with no misspellings, for example.
  • Availability: Data must be available upon demand.
  • Timeliness:Current data must be available.

Beyond the latest advancement of technology, the surest path to data quality assurance typically involves a combination of data quality tools and top data quality vendor.

At Open Look, automated data quality processes identify data entry errors through human verification, all data issues are ultimately addressed by Human Intelligence Task (HITS) team.

TIMELINESS AND COMPLETENESS: Fast Data Research Turnaround Time Generated Commitment

A publishing company offers lead generation services to sponsors of their webcast series. Each client requires a specific, unique format in which the data is returned, in order to easily import into their internal databases.

The publisher has a fixed format in which they receive data, and needed to manually manipulate each file in order to meet each client’s quality requirements. Each file needed to be formatted and returned back to the publisher within a 3-day turnaround time.

Because the file was returned so quickly, the publisher’s client requested for additional tasks and further appending multiple data points, in an effort to further understand the data being delivered. Learn more.

ACCURACY AND AVAILABILITY: Excellent Lead Generation Efforts that surpassed more than 19,000 Records

A full-service media company with three publications and a circulation of 30,000 subscribers is building a master list for a major telemarketing project.  The company aimed to accumulate 19,000 leads within a month.  A key requirement was that each lead contains a targeted and qualified title that can be considered “quality”. Learn more about how the client is using Open Look to complete lead generation projects to help boost their circulation.

DATA QUALITY: Power Up through Human Verified Data Research

Clean, accurate data provide companies the upper hand in identifying audiences, market trends, buying decisions, and more. With the ability to capture thousands of data points to meet various needs, the task of keeping this data clean and up to date can be daunting. How businesses continued excellence and value to their niche market? By finding a data research provider that imposes data quality.

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