Case Study: Open Look Exceeded Lead Generation Efforts, Surpassed 19,000 Records


A full-service media company with three publications and a circulation of 30,000 subscribers is building a master list for a major telemarketing project.  The company aimed to accumulate 19,000 leads within a month.  A key requirement was that each lead contain a qualified title such as “Production Director” or “Lighting Tech”.

Data Research

Lead Generation


The Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) Department at Open Look ably handled the project with a team of Audience Development Specialists. Relying on their skills in human verified data research, the HITS team performed the initial test project to determine whether Open Look properly executed the client instructions. Upon obtaining verification from the client, the Audience Development Department at Open Look jumped in for additional data capture and confirmation of leads. The two teams worked in tandem to obtain the required number of leads (19,000) within the span of 1 month.


Open Look successfully completed the project and was able to meet the needs of the client. Since then, the client is using Open Look to complete other lead generation projects to help boost their circulation.  Additionally, the client granted Open Look a new data research project for the HITS team.  Plus, the Audience Development team will start performing some telemarketing tasks beginning May 2019. As a result of these additional projects, Open Look expects to exceed its original lead generation efforts, surpassing 19,000 records.

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