Case Study: Social Media Management that Guarantees to Save Time and Money


An internationally acclaimed speaker, business book author and influencer found out that managing all his business tasks (such as selling print and digital, broadcast, event sponsorships, exhibit space and radio) is very demanding as more and more responsibilities all end up on his plate in the same time.

Understandably, he can’t serve all of his commitments and things become more difficult for him to find an appropriate work/life balance. To address this concern, he commissioned Open Look to do all his social media and video editing stuff.

Social Media Management

Video Editing


Open Look designates a social media specialist to do all the social media management tasks. The job is focused on posting all the stuff through Hootsuite and in some instances, manual posting on major social media channels that includes Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.  The client has 3 brands with accounts in each social media platform and 1 personal account that need to be managed.

Open Look video editing team also helped at times to creatively amend the videos that need revisions. In some cases, to amplify the reach and clarity of these videos, our social media specialist also does video transcriptions to provide subtitles.


Doing the tasks for more than 3 months now, social media management not only guaranteed the client a professional who knows the ins and outs of Social Media but also allows him to save money. For less money, the client gets sufficient time for the things that matter most to him and his business. Now he devotes his time to the core of his business.

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