Case Study: 500 Quality Customer Engagements a Month from Open Look CRM Team


A company providing the best kind of casino gaming fun promotes a website with a strong following and relies on the website for its primary contact with its patrons.  The company wanted to spruce up its website and tapped Open Look to come up with a perfect logo … one that would befit this unique gaming company. The aim of the logo was specifically “to stand out and be iconic in the field”.

Logo and Banner Design

Content Management (CMS)

Customer Relation Management (CRM)


To develop a new logo, Open Look simply studied the client, especially how it defined itself.  The ultimate design was based on the images, videos and content in the current company website and related company catalogues and literature.

Open Look knows graphic design relies on the visual memory of its audience.  To that end, Open Look has formed a masterful crew of web and graphic designers to successfully design logos that clients love. And so, it happened Open Look crafted a relatable logo, and designed a billboard banner design.


The successes of the creative department of Open Look led to more projects coming in from the client. Currently, content management and customer relation management (CRM) are two other tasks being transitioned.  To cater these new demands, Open Look has formed a team of five agents to do content management and marketing, customer relations and data entry.

The ongoing CRM created more than 500 quality customer engagements per month while the content management is also doing very well.

 “I just wanted to let you know that Brandon has been doing a great job. We have thrown a lot at him these last couple days and he has really stepped up and helped us get through this unexpected rush. Kudos to the team at Open Look and especially Brandon!” – Client

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