Case Study: Open Look Achieved 101% Completion for Identifying 248 Qualified Leads


A health technology company pioneering the future of “proactive healthcare” needed to expand their horizons within their local market. The company had revolutionary insight into its value proposition thanks to propagation of people’s personalized health data. To amplify this value, lead generation became the initial way the company could reach more people 1) locally and 2) in the health and wellness industry. The project required a level of hard work and attention to detail for which the company was not staffed. Costs were inflated for them, and to hire in-house employees for the task was just not in the cards.


The company needed a list of health and wellness influencers who are based in the United Kingdom. Our team was tasked with obtaining contact and other company data from each of the influencers being called. The final deliverable was a report with enough detail to provide the client with an effective list from which to build the customer relationships.


To help the client, Open Look selected a team of its experienced telemarketers to undergo special training centered on the target market. The training focused on 1) identifying influencers and 2) effectively performing each step in a unique telemarketing process. In a specified “softer approach”, the team asked these targeted influencers to gather essential details while offering a chance for them to be part of the company’s affiliate program. The client contact Jenny said, “We started getting results really quickly, and they looked good too.”


In less than a week, the Open Look team identified 248 qualified leads, which exceeded the original target. Open Look had achieved 101% completion. This level of performance led our client to work on another project with Open Look, this time targeting the U.S. market.

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