Case Study: 236 Attendance Confirmations Exceeded Client’s Expectation


A large trade association needed to get more attendees for their monthly events. Although the association already had a long list of potential attendees, they did not have an advance confirmation of attendance. To obtain this missing piece, they called upon Open Look for a complete solution.

Outbound Telemarketing

Event Survey


The client provided Open Look with a list of 1,689 leads. Upon reviewing the leads in the list, the Open Look Audience Development team assembled a group of specialists.  The team actively called each person in the list and asked simply if they wanted to attend the association’s local event. The instruction was to get as many attendees as possible. There was no specific objective beyond that.


In a short period of time, the Audience Development team exceeded expectations by getting attendance confirmations from 236 individuals. The client was so happy with the initial outcome that they opted to call on Open Look for any related services. “We have 5 events coming up in the next month that I would like to continue to use your assistance for calls.

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