Case Study: An American Media Company Enjoys Optimum Benefits of Outsourcing


An American media company that has print and digital products with the reach of over 10 million community members each year, needed assistance with their digital content management. They wanted all their print articles to be posted on their website that has millions of monthly visitors. All articles are in a certain layout that needs a manual formatting when posted in the web.

Content Management

Weekly Newsletter

Graphic Design

Magazine Layout


Open Look’s web content team handled this seasonal content management project. All portable document formats have been converted into files that are ready for web posting. However, all postings should be done manually to fit to their website’s subtle features.


The success of the web content management team brought Open Look additional projects from them. The handed over the weekly newsletter task which was very successful and knowing that Open Look has a capable design team, they gave us a shot through a test project.

The company was hesitant to outsource their main core because they haven’t tried it before. But upon witnessing the design team’s output, they were amazed that we were able to excellently deliver.

It was then the start of Open Look to work on their publications; 1 monthly and 1 bi-monthly. Experiencing the optimum benefits of outsourcing, they are now entrusting all their graphic works to us, all of their marketing stuff, in addition to their pubs.

Now, we are doing average of 80-85 pages per month.

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