Case Study: Engaging Audience through Modern Way of Storytelling & Video Editing


A book publishing group wanted to broaden their marketing efforts by engaging in a more modern way of storytelling.  They saw opportunities to do that through video marketing within social media. The book publishing group tapped the expertise of Open Look to come up with an overall model that achieved these objectives for their book publishers.

People usually do not have too much time and human attention span is relatively short, so if the video is not catchy enough or takes too long, people will instantly lose interest and skip it. With the advent of modern video marketing, storytelling must be brief, on point and relevant.

Video Editing

Video Advertising

Motion Graphics


Open Look brought together its finest video creators and marketers to put together a specific strategy for video marketing and storytelling. The team started with a test project to float ideas that would help the publishers get at what they really wanted.  Open Look then tested all ideas within the different social media platforms, looking especially for those with extra creativity and sense of relevance.


The client ultimately used Open Look to engage their audience with a series of exciting video stories.  For Open Look, storytelling is the essence of video marketing and it is important to focus on one main message to deliver in each video.

This concept drives the Open Look team to successfully create fascinating advertising videos for the publishers that are suitable for social media platforms such as Instagram Stories, Facebook My Day and other lengths of videos.

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