Case Study: Client Saved Nearly 50% on Salary Costs


A B2B niche magazine publisher lost an in-house team member handling their telemarketing BPA re-qualification campaign. The publisher’s audit could not wait for a replacement to be found. They needed to move quickly in order to achieve the necessary targets for their annual audit. BPA requires strict compliance in terms of call handling and reporting; in addition, every telephone call must be recorded. Considering this was an ongoing in-house project with important deadlines meant an immediate solution was necessary in order to replace the decline in productivity due to losing the team member.

Outbound Telephone Calls
BPA Compliance
Recording Capture & Storage

The publisher called upon Open Look to provide telemarketing services in order to re-qualify and renew their magazine subscribers.

The publisher’s goal was to complete 20 verifications per day and provide daily reporting given specific criteria. Telephone efforts required capturing a specific set of information on each call, which needed to be reflected in the daily reports clearly and accurately in compliance with the reporting template provided by the client.

Open Look assigned a dedicated team of two telemarketing agents to the project in order to achieve the necessary targets. Prior to conducting telephone calls the team took part in product-specific training consisting of not only magazine specific information, but BPA guidelines as well.

Every verified call passed through Open Look’s Quality Assurance process in order to ensure each call met the client requirements and BPA standards.

The ability to quickly train and deploy agents to the project allowed the client’s project to quickly continue with minimal interruption and goals to quickly be achieved. Given the success of the project, Open Look’s team was able to increase productivity to a point where one agent was able to exceed the performance required by the client. The increase in productivity allowed for targets to be consistently met, and also allowed the client to save additional money by not being forced to hire right away. Outsourcing the necessary tasks allowed for the client to save nearly 50% on salary costs alone, and an additional 50% on outsourcing expenses months into the project by decreasing team size from two down to one.

BPA – Business Publication Audit of Circulation

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