Case Study: More than 8000 Local Events Gathered through Data Research


A digital innovator with a nationwide footprint in the travel industry needed consistent updates with the latest local entertainment events to differentiate its offering from its competitors.  Our client could not afford to employ in-house data research professionals or local contractors.  Open Look identified services to help meet this challenge:

Data Research

Data Entry

Content Management


The client called upon the offshore resources of Open Look to research local entertainment events and provide this data on an ongoing and timely basis. The client’s goal was to provide their visitors with up-to-the-minute fresh local events to be keyboarded into their Content Management System (CMS). Open Look gathered 100 or more local events per day, within the span of the month-long trial period. To be successful, the Data Research team at Open Look had to keep up with the fast-paced production cycle of time-bounded events without sacrificing the quality necessary to appeal to the local target markets.


The Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) Team at Open Look dedicated one of its members,  skilled in human verified data research, to achieve the goals of the client. The team member improved the research process by breaking down tasks and corrections.  The result was a detailed production guide with three overall tasks meeting the needs of the calendar events subscribers:

  • Researched primarily Facebook for events happening in the target area, noting the area may be one city or several cities
  • Entered data directly into the client specified software
  • Tracked and monitored events entered on the client software


The client is now able to cost-effectively rely on Open Look to maintain local events calendars, a key component of its offering to subscribers. Given the success of the initial project, the client has now fully engaged the HITS Team at Open Look. As of August 2018, Open Look gathered more than 8,000 local events for this client.

The client now relies on Open Look for Audience Development services as well as other data research efforts.

Open Look has helped the client increase its audience, accelerate time-lines of completed work, accentuate the relevance of tourism and most importantly, save money by outsourcing these very important tasks.

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