Case Study: Open Look resolved 60% Database Issues, Captured 40% Email Addresses

A multiple-event, specialty trade show organizer needed to refine and update customer information in their database. Over multiple years, the show organizer built a large database of customers and needed to add demographic information and update old information. One important piece of information that needed to be gathered was email addresses. The project required a large amount of work which made it difficult to assign current employees to the project, and hiring new in-house employees was not justified considering the required work was not a long term task.

Outbound Telephone Calls
Email & Demographic Capture
Customer Info Update

The show organizer needed to call retail locations and capture primary business categories, store buyer name, email address, and update any incorrect contact information. The database consisted of over 5,000 businesses; the project required completion within 4 weeks. Accurate daily reporting was necessary in order to provide the client with a clean updated database to import into their customer management system.

Open Look assigned a dedicated team of three telemarketers to the project. Each retailer was called 4-5 times prior to declaring the location as “unreachable.” A uniform reporting system was developed to ensure data accuracy.

The Open Look team was able to resolve over 60% of the database through the telemarketing efforts in place, with capturing 40% email addresses of the retailers provided. Based on the success of this initial project, Open Look played a vital role in 3 similar time-sensitive projects, as well as one long-term, on-going contract. Open Look assisted in the launching of 5 new digital products the organizer offered to their show exhibitors. The new product required exhibitors to sign up to a new lead generation website which allowed exhibitors the opportunity to receive information on interested potential consumers of their product. The initial goal was to achieve 1,000 participants, show exhibitors, within a six-month period, which was also achieved at 100% completion.

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