How Product Image Editing Uplifts Online Shopping Businesses

Online shopping or ecommerce is one of the biggest trends in the Internet and commercial world. Because of that, businesses in the industry are experiencing remarkable competition these days.

Look at the top online shopping (ecommerce) businesses in the world: Amazon, ebay, Asos, Walmart, Etsy, and Alibaba.

By just exhibiting wonderful product images, you can have an advantage over your competitors. Editing and retouching product images will not only make your products impressive to look, it can also increase your sales figure.

Ecommerce has some standards which make it necessary for online shopping stores to outsource photo editing services that do background removal, resizing, cropping, color correction, masking, manipulation and retouching.

Popular Procedures in Product Image Editing

Cropping Out of the Images – An expert photo editor will trace the raw product images and place it on appropriate backgrounds. Most of the time, a work upon the color and clarity of the images will also be done.

Image Resizing – A photo editor will work on low resolution images of the products and then make them extremely better. Images are fit in several size options like thumbnail, zoom, and many more.

Lighting and Color Correction – This is done through coloring the product images as per specifications which also include brightening and other color adjustments.

Removal of Unwanted Elements – All the unwanted elements and objects are delicately eliminated from the images of each product along with transforming the whitespaces.

Some Samples of our Product Image Editing & Retouching Services

Sample 1: (Above)

Sample 2:


Sample 3:


Sample 4:


*Photos courtesy of Hazelourd Retuya, Open Look Photo Editing Team

Whether you sell automobiles, sportswear, luxury goods, apparels, electronics devices, etc., if you promote your product online, you need well-designed and comprehensive images. 

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