How Can Business Owners Enjoy Summer Vacation?

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It’s summer and having a tropical vacation is such a promising idea. Everyone in the family has it pretty easy when it comes to the planning and preparation. And you contrariwise can’t seem to catch a break. You have worries that if you’re going to take a break, how do you get back to work when vacation is over and done? You’re upsetting to miss any appointments, call backs and emails.

In any business process, leaving instructions while you are away is must thing to do (and why not outsource your customer support during vacation). As far as sales and marketing is concerned, yes you should think about how your telemarketing setup is geared to keep going while you’re gone.

This set up can be stressful for both you and your agents. Remember, you’re planning to go on vacation. Going on vacation isn’t flying off to an island and just taking the phone calls and emails from there. So to ensure you’re not distressing yourself and your agents who handle calls for you, you might consider calling the experts – outsource!

Relaxation isn’t also the only perks of vacation. You’ve got family catch-up time, soul-searching, and a chance to hang for a night out. What good is all that fun when you can’t leave your work behind?

This summer, and while we’re just now starting to feel the heat, do something different for yourself and your business. This is the season to be digging your toes in the sand, throwing the Frisbee with the kids, or enjoying a popsicle in the sunshine. But there’s still work to be done! That’s where we come in to rescue you.

Have some overflow design that needs to hit deadline while short-staffed this summer? We can do that.

Need some telemarketing to clean up that dated list in your database? We can do that.

How about some high-quality, high-volume image retouching? We can do that too.

Take advantage on all our Audience Development (Telemarketing) projects! All it takes is a few minutes of your time — Just contact us with your contact info and we’ll take it from there! Let us help you on the path to profit while having your memorable summer vacation! Call 214-403-3755 or email

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