Ensure More Deals from These Simple Phone Sales Tips

Selling a product over the phone can be a quite a bit of pressure for salespeople. Even experienced salespeople tend to fall into this thinking, particularly when the pressure is on to make sales. Be that as it may, with the correct procedures and strategies set up, not only will the salesperson be able to sell more, but he can also lessen the anxiety that he feels when dialing.

These simple phone sales tip that you can use to get better results out of your sales calls:

Identify your sales goal every day.

It is essential to distinguish your sales goal every day. The number of calls you make is something you have to consider when making your day by day sales goal. Setting up an everyday objective will help you stay motivated and confident.

Planning the right time to call.

Planning the right time to call is one of the key elements that make a successful sales call. Based on a study, the perfect day to call in a week is Thursday and the best times in a day to make sales calls typically early mornings and late afternoons.

Certainty is fundamental.

Be confident when making a business call. Make sure to use a professional tone over the phone. The customer will notice if you sound nervous if you aren’t confident about the product that you are selling.

Try not to be discouraged.

Don’t get easily discouraged if someone is rude or rejects your call. Sometimes people refuse sales calls and don’t mean a personal attack. Despite the mistreatment, remain polite and respectful, hang up, and continue to make the next call.

Focus and listen very well.

The most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job and paying attention to the person you’re talking to. Guarantee your customers that you are listening to them by saying words like “I understand” and “Noted.” These expressions will make your customers feel significant which is what you’d want them to feel.


Not each customer you call will answer the first time. Continue striving for half a month until you contact somebody. If your intended customer isn’t available to accept the call, leave a message. Include your contact details so the customer can easily reach you once they are available.

Telephone sales can be quite challenging but possessing these simple yet solid phone sales skills will give you a distinctive edge over your competitors if they do not take the time to implement sales call campaigns.

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