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The world we live in at present has become almost completely systematized. By now, every company has realized the overwhelming supremacy and commoditization of data and in the years to come, data collection and research is going to become an even higher precedence.

Many businesses are beginning to swing over to digital transformation replacing cabinets of files with systematic applications. But the real problem left is the conversion from traditional to digital which is no easy task and even with huge volumes of data accessible to make business decisions, most of the businesses are losing out on its competitive edge, because the data is raw and unstructured thus rendering it is impractical.

From traditional to digital, data is normally available in various formats ranging from handwritten documents, printed sheets to images and PDF files, which all has to be organized into suitable categories, so that it can be easily manageable. At the same time, the process can also be intimidating and may consume a lot of time. Therefore, to get more time to focus on core business activities, businesses should opt to outsource human verified data entry services to a professional data management and research service provider.

Outsourcing data entry services helps to save the cost, effort and time that one would spend to research, process and establish error free data. It will also help improve the business productivity. To realize these benefits, business owners should determine and categorize what data entry service they need to outsource.

Data Entry Services that You Need to Outsource

Open Look’s Human Intelligence Task and Data Research Team require human-verified direct contact information and create the opportunity for client scalability to get the project done fast and efficiently. Our data entry services are manifold and you can choose to outsource it completely or partly. We listed below some of the data entry services we’ve done successfully that you can outsource for best results:

1. Image Data Entry

Open Look developed a specific application called EasyData, a data entry system for clients who are dealing with a lot of forms from their customers. EasyData is developed to cater photography clients with a bunch of orders and requests. Photographers will just upload the scanned documents from their customers and then they get back to it with an organized display and sequence of customers’ orders and requests. Hassle free! In essence, we can systematize the process by developing software and applications for your specific needs.

2. Data Append

This is one of the most common in our list of clients. We enhance database by appending key data elements that are crucial for business intelligence and marketing performance. We clean and standardize records and make sure file complies with privacy and other security policies.

3. Data Mining and Web –based Research

We’re proven and tested in this type of data entry service. We start with gathering data and analyzing client behavioral patterns and looking at the demographics of customers to make profiles. We feed database information from personal information available online, sales, surveys, subscriptions and questionnaires.

4. List Building

This is quite easy but time consuming. Clients reached us to research and extract information, sort data into profiles, managing or updating a list with new business prospects as well as confirming if client-specific content is correctly listed. We kind of advancing this service with email marketing and newsletter blasting where we build list through subscriptions, sort entries and make a blast as a way of marketing and in the same time, get more subscriptions.

5. Data Scrubbing and Cleansing

We consider this as a basic of what we do as we also have more customers in this category. We do the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a database and identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty or coarse data.

6. Location-based and Contact Research Data Entry

Few clients tapped us for this very specific task of researching location information such as current physical address and latest contact information such phone numbers and email addresses. This includes verification of contact information to minimize bounces and obsolete phone numbers. Ofcourse, we enforce privacy and security on this type of work.

7. Website Categorization and Verification

A client handed us an access of a huge database of company listings with unverified website information. We created a special team that verifies website suggestions of each business and assigned the accurate one that corresponds to the company details.

8. Copy Editing

We are pretty established in this category as we are being outsourced by various businesses, companies and organizations to ensure that certain quality standards are met through the application of general copy editing practices, custom procedures and other standard referencing guidelines. We are tested through editing materials like survey answers, manuscripts, magazines, reports, website materials and other content that needs grammatical sense, consistency, clarity, and coherence.

There you have it all! Outsourcing these services to a suitable service provider takes time and effort. But before selecting the most suitable data entry service provider, keep in mind the following criteria that you should consider.

  • You can get more time, which you can easily channel so that you can better develop the essential business activities, helping your business to grow.
  • Since data is being handled by experts, focus will be more on updating, organizing and converting data into the required format and you will be able to make more informed business decisions, thus leading your business to success.
  • You will have no need to advance for setting up infrastructure and resources or to train professionals, so that they can better manage data, if you outsource data entry services.
  • Better access to high end technology and a team of expert professionals who have the required domain knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensure that the company employs and follows strict processes for quality control.
  • Ensure the correctness and quality of data making use of double monitors.
  • See that the data is validated by the computer as well as guarantee that it’s manually checked again.

Now look at the processes and the work you have to do every day in your business or company. Consider outsourcing the areas where you and your employees are struggling. Then see the difference in expenses between hiring someone full time and outsourcing. The difference could help you decide.

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